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Middle Fork Campground

To get to the campground, drive to the Edgewick Truck Town Exit 34 on I-90. Follow temporary signs to the SE Middle Fork Road junction, and turn right, following the paved road. It is about a 75-minute drive from downtown Seattle.

Middle Fork Snoqualmie Campground is the first new campground built in the national forest since the 1970s. It is also one of the most remote. The last 12 miles of road that take you to the campground are mostly gravel but the scenery is beautiful and the occasional river views are breathtaking. The campground is spacious with several "multi-sites" for up to 16 people. Trees replanted here provide a lush seclusion between sites. All campsites and the interpretive trail are wheelchair accessible. The campground is open from May 22 to Sept 8,  2008.

There is a short interpretive trail with great views of Mount Garfield and the rugged, craggy cliffs that rise above Rainy Creek. A four-mile trail, which follows along the route of an abandoned road built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, has also been constructed and plans for more miles of trails have been approved.

Forest Service Infomation for Middle Fork Campground