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2016-04-10 09:00:28
We went & checked out the campground on our way to Mora last week (3/31/16) There is only one
handicap accessible site, we think it might have been #8 but the site numbers are hard to find
or have been removed. We located site #6 from the pics you have up but handicapped signage &
site number had been removed & that bathroom next to it is boarded up. There is only one
bathroom open in the entire campground ( and it's right next to the handicapped site we think
is #8) & we expected primitive but not filthy. It looked like someone defecated on the floor &
then fingerpainted A LOT. Ugh!
I really liked the location & accessibility of the campground to the road but still pretty
quiet and I liked the campgrounds overall & the handicapped campsite itself but that bathroom
was the stuff of nightmares and unusable for anyone especially someone needing handicap
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