Urns Through Time


Our mission is to give you a visual sense of Western Washington public campgrounds. This is a result of our frustration when trying to find information on campsites. We wanted to find information that would give us a sense of what to expect so we could make choices not only about the campground but about individual campsites within those campgrounds that would best meet our wants and needs. There was very little information of a visual nature that could help us decide, especially because our wants include finding camping places that are beautiful, quiet, clean, and have a sense of privacy and being in touch with the natural world! Some great hiking trails and scenic views are an added plus. We wanted to find a website that would give us a sense of the "feel" of the camping sites, the campgrounds, and the surrounding area. Not finding one we decided this was a need waiting to be filled and so we started to create The Camping View.

Our goal is to visually document all of the public campgrounds in Western Washington. Once we started on this projects we realized that we had just seen the tip of the ice burg as Western Washington is incredibly rich in campgrounds. So this website is a work in progress and will continue to expand and develop over time as we photographically document more and more of the beautiful public campsites in Western Washington.