Urns Through Time


Hoh Oxbow Campground

The Hoh Oxbow is the most popular of the five camps on the Hoh River. It is primitive and close to the highway, the entrance to the campground also serves as kind of a park & ride for a Jefferson County Transit Bus stop! Once you are in the campground though, you would think you were very far away from everything. The campground has several river front sites that offer amazing views of swiftly flowing waters and many sites are enclosed in a beautiful forest setting of hemlock and fir. There is a large Handicap site that has its own restroom. There is also a great site that has 2 vintage log benches around a bid tri-part fire pit. A boa tramp is also listed as an attribute but after seeing the depth of the ruts and the steepness of the ramp I would have extreme doubts about using it.

There is a lovely short trail across a small handmade wooden bridge that takes you out to a river vista where you stand on huge boulders to gaze over shallow rapids and deep pools. I take a deep breath just remembering;

Several miles in any direction will take you to great hiking and exploring opportunities. This is some beautiful country.